250 word album review: Cory Branan – Adios

Cory Branan - Adios


Cory Branan is an outlaw in pedestrian clothes. He shows more versatility than ever before on his new record “Adios” as he navigates through his past trying to figure out how he got where he is now. In the end it’s clear he stands alone, confident and never showing weakness.

On “Imogene” Branan throttles through the most accessible song of his career. It’s well produced and radio-worthy and with Branan’s natural ability to throw great hooks effortlessly it is easy to see how it can be a clear favorite here. He shifts gears with the weird ZZ Top (the most intriguing version of the band) sounding “Walls, MS.” He goes for a straight up anthem with “Yeah, So What” where he shows his ability to mindless rock out. On the “Another Nightmare In America” he shows his teeth in a song that is so shap it sounds like it could have came from Against Me’s catalog. Songs like this just prove Branan is made up of more Replacements than Johnny Cash and that is just fine. On the closing “My Father Was An Accordion Player” you’ll find Branan wandering like he’s in a drunken circus with dark lyrics and sloppy horns to navigate his journey. This being the only song not by Branan on the record but by Memphis songwriter Andy Grooms yet it fits with the madness of this record nicely.

Cory Branan has found a way to carve out his niche among the alt-country world by never sacrificing himself to preconceived notions. His music is unique and it’s clear he calls plays from his own playbook. “Adios” is that much better for its versatility and shows he will be making interesting records for years to come.

Key Tracks: “Imogene” “Yeah So What” “My Father Was An Accordion Player”

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