Album at a glance: Jeff Caudill – Reset the Sun

Jeff Caudill - Reset The Sun

On this EP Jeff Caudill shows off his shiny feathers as a songwriter putting his own spin on familiar themes. There’s nostalgia and love littered throughout on this mostly pop record with strong country roots. Caudill’s vocals are reminiscent of Robb Thomas from Matchbox 20 (make fun if you want, I stand behind the band) but also at times hit an Uncle Tupelo vibe. There is a strong yearning for pop songs like “Around We Go” but on a few tracks like “Bruised Ribs, Broken Heart” Caudill dials up the twang and delves head first into alt-country. Both are good but switching leaves the EP a slight lack of identity but the good thing is that the songs hold up decent enough to make it a good listen.

Key Track: “Bruised Ribs, Broken Heart”

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