Coming Soon: Craig Finn and John K. Samson at The Record Bar

WHO’S PLAYING?  Craig Finn & The Uptown Controllers (of the Hold Steady) and John K. Samson (of The Weakerthans)

Craig Finn and John K. Samson poster for their show at The Record Bar in Kansas City, MO on 10/17/17

WHAT TO EXPECT? A showing of as much poetry as music. It will be in the form of music but both of these amazing artists are so careful with every word they choose, making sure each one carries its weight that poetry isn’t that far off when describing them.

John K. Samson is a longtime indie rock darling fronting the band The Weakerthans and now controlling his career through solo records and touring. He also has released a book of his combined lyrics and poetry available. Samson has released two solo albums now in addition to five Weakerthans records since 1999. He recently released a Gandaddy-esque new single “Prayer For Ruby Elm” from his latest record “Winter Wheat” from 2016.

Speaking of indie rock darlings, Craig Finn is about as bonafide as it gets when it comes to credibility in the field. His three solo albums and six records with The Hold Steady have provided him with the clout to have a massive fan base and universal respect among musicians. His latest record “We All Want The Same Things” is a driving collection of songs filled with conflict and heartbreak. What makes Finn’s music so magical is his storytelling; he has a way of revealing enough details to paint a vivid picture while never closing the narrative to interpretation.

WHERE IS IT?  The Record Bar (1520 Grand BLVD, Kansas City, MO)

WHEN IS IT?  Tuesday, October 17th, 2017; 8:00 PM, $20, 18+

Here is a link to buy your tickets right NOW.


  • Tickets are $20… so that’s not bad for two artists with a huge discography of established work
  • Craig Finn’s new album is fantastic, just like his other two solo albums. He will likely be playing a lot off of that new record.
  • It will be a quieter reality of the bands The Weakerthans and The Hold Steady
  • These two artists excellent solo records will be on prime display.
  • The new record bar location is great, the small balcony provides a range of views of the stage and the sound quality is always supreme.
  • This is a chance to see two touring acts who don’t make it to the Kansas City area all that often so seeing both of them at once is a big advantage.

You should RSVP on facebook to the event so you don’t forget, here is the link: FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE

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