The Vinyl Court: Nick Waterhouse – Never Twice

Nick Waterhouse - Never Twice

  • Artist: Nick Waterhouse
  • Album: Never Twice (2016)
  • Purchased at: Live concert at Record Bar (Kansas City, MO) for $20

Nick Waterhouse doesn’t belong here. He is transported straight out of the late 50s or early 60s R&B scene and it seems weird we are lucky enough to have him here. “Never Twice” is his third record and quite possibly his best. It has a great time capsule quality that can take you away to another place and time.

It’s Time” and “The Old Place” are both driving songs that lead off each side of the LP. “The Old Place” being one of those ear-worms that is near impossible to shake. Speaking of shaking this record will make you do it, the loose style of the recording is great and impulsive with plenty of room for various solos. “Katchi” is probably the best song the radio pretty much never played too, the track features soul ace Leon Bridges and is the catchiest thing you’ve heard since George Harrison’s “Got My Mind Set On You.”

The vinyl here is standard black with no frills but look at that cover… just look at it. Doesn’t it just scream out to you as something you should have in your collection? It definitely does me. This is one I keep on the end of my stack so people can see the cover and be mystified by it.

Verdict: You need to like this loose swinging R&B to get into it, think Buddy Holly meets Sam Cooke and you’re in the ballpark. If that sounds good and you don’t own this you are missing out. If that doesn’t sound good steer clear.

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