250 word album review: The Deslondes – Hurry Home

The Deslondes - Hurry Home


The Deslondes are making quite a wake with their first two records. Their extremely old school country style paired with great songwriting has carved themselves quite the niche in modern music. Their second record “Hurry Home” is more than a follow-up to their debut, it’s an improvement on it.

Having multiple songwriters and singers really pays off in shaking any chance of monotony for the group. Sam Doores and Riley Downing are quite the 1-2 punch here making sure the album is refined and has no filler during its 13 song run. The true to life porch country folk of “Muddy Water” may be what the band does best but it’s far from all they accomplish here. “(This Ain’t A) Sad Song” is an excellent run-thru of Animals style 60s rock but never wanders too far from the twang that defines the band. The band indulges in some New Orleans swing on “Nelly” paying tribute to one of several places claiming to call them their own. They even roll the calendar back to the 1950s for the rave up “Hurricane Shakedown” providing and important up-tempo number. The band is easily at their best doing sweet folk like on “Beautiful Friend” and the waltzy “Just In Love With You.” Their porch country dominates throughout, with strong tracks like “She Better Be Lonely” it’s hard to resist this band.

As long as this songwriting team is together it’s difficult to envision their records ever getting old, this band shows the potential for a long, successful future.

Key Tracks: “(This Ain’t A) Sad Song” “She Better Be Lonely” “Muddy Water”

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