Album at a glance: Ladygod – Rock N Roll Kaliphate

Ladygod - Rock & Roll Kaliphate


Ladygod is a groovy band, meaning they absolutely relish in a good groove. “Rock & Roll Kaliphate” is filled with simple guitar licks repeated to make sure everything drops into a comfortable groove.

On “Pretty Clean Tramp” to lead off the album it is clear what the band is going for, the smooth minimalist sound speaks for itself. The short rhythms are reminiscent of what Mike Doughty has built a career doing. The best part about these songs is that the band never tries to overcomplicate things. On tracks like “Trans Am” they seem to put a higher stock on finding a groove than lyrical content or anything else, they keep it their first priority. On “For All The Stars” the lyrics get a little more light to shine on them but overall the album is dominated by sheik, ultra cool guitar riffs and grooves and to be quite honest there is really nothing wrong with that.

Key Track: “Trans Am”

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