250 word album review: Dreamgirl – Dreamgirl

Dreamgirl - Dreamgirl


Dreamgirl blindsided 2018 with the release of their first full length album on New Year’s Day following a couple single releases and the brilliantly titled “Illuminaughty” EP in 2015. The Midwest band’s take on dreampop is as west coast as anything made there. The focus on textures and clean production on the album make it fit perfectly with any preconceptions of their sound.

On the opening track “Forever Between Us (Pt. 1)” you’ll have a microcosm of what this album represents. The bouncy guitars seem to fight rhythms as it creates them and the coated keyboards make a gentle atmosphere for the songs to live in. On “Mythos” you’ll find the band engaging in some clever wordplay with the great chorus of “Don’t think if I call you back right now, it doesn’t mean I’m not hanging up on you.” The song’s playfulness is infectious and pushes it to be a standout here. On “Bollywood” vocalist Austin Marks gives Hopkins a break all while bunking any monotony the album might have. Hopkins’ high pitched vocal style fits the album’s mood perfectly with her smooth delivery and Marks’ singing compliments it nicely. The duo double teams the track “Just Friends” with it’s waterbed rythm, Hopkins builds some tension with her vocal part just as the chorus by Marks slowly releases it.

This west coast pop sound is very modern and fresh sounding here and this record is playful and polished in all the right spots, this album proves a great followup to their strong debut EP.

Key Tracks: “Forever Between Us (Pt. 1)” “Mythos” “Bollywood”

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