250 word album review: Ruby Boots – Don’t Talk About It

Ruby Boots - Don't Talk About It


Ruby Boots’ new album “Don’t Talk About It” is a hell of a smooth listen. It’s the embodiment of old school alt-country. With the twangy vocals there is no disguising that this is country music but the pop hooks here are some of the best you will hear.

The raunchy electric guitar that kicks off the album on the song “It’s So Cruel” throws up a flag that this album is as much Joan Jett as Patsy Cline. Sure there may be some line dancing to the record anyway but it will surely be line dancing with a lot of attitude. The radio ready “Don’t Talk About It” will make you wonder what Rosanne Cash is doing these days and probably make you pull out her “Seven Year Ache” album and give it a spin. The subject of this Ruby Boots record is all sides of love but mainly heartbreak. See the songs “Break My Heart Twice” and “I’ll Make It Through” and this will become very obvious. Whether exploring down tempo numbers like “I Am A Woman” or the rocking anthem songs like “Don’t Talk About It” or “It’s So Cruel” the songs here never lose their sense of pop melody. The fuzz guitar on “Somebody Else” and “It’s So Cruel” really set some of these songs apart from others in the genre.

This album is solid heartbreak country record with strong hooks throughout. It’s smart in spots and has some mindless bar rock in others making for a very accessible balance that is easy to take in.

Key Tracks: “Don’t Talk About It” “I’ll Make It Through” “It’s So Cruel”

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