250 word album review: Toward Space – The Bomb That Fell

Toward Space - The Bomb That Fell


Toward Space’s latest EP “The Bomb That Fell” is very informal. It’s unapologetic and raw. The seven lo-fi songs aren’t all cut from the same cloth either, each one sees the band spread their wings in a different direction.

On the opening track, coincidentally the title track they come out sounding like The Cramps with some irreverent guitar licks. They turn around on the song “Night Sorrows” and show their true raw punk leanings with a track that sounds like it was found recorded on a beer soaked cassette in Jay Retard’s house. On “Dream Love Kill” and “Swamp Theme” you get some aggressive female vocals by Seyla Hossaini, spelling male vocalist David Patton, adding even more variance to the album. “Swamp Theme” is filled with psych-rock drug through a grunge filter, the jammy song sounds right decorated with the haunting female vocals. Pop melody isn’t absent though, on “Take Peace” the group puts together a sweet sounding, hooky number. It sticks out in the grand scheme of the record but that isn’t too surprising given the band’s very loose style.

This EP shows the band has many talents, the album is a little schizophrenic because of it. It’s still a fun listen seeing what all the garage sounding band can do.

Key Tracks: “The Bomb That Fell” “Night Sorrows”


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