Coming Soon: Pedro The Lion and Marie/Lepanto at Record Bar in Kansas City, MO 2/9/18

WHO’S PLAYING?  Pedro The Lion (David Bazan and company) and Marie/Lepanto (Will Johnson of Centro-matic, Monsters Of Folk, Overseas, South San Gabriel and Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster of Water Liars)

The Pedro The Lion tour poster for the first leg of their 2018 jaunt with Marie/Lepanto


WHAT TO EXPECT? The start of a great tour by one seasoned band embarking on a “reunion” tour of sorts and one band playing their very first shows ever.

Marie/Lepanto is a supergroup, or superduo if you will, of Will Johnson and Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster. Johnson has an established solo career and has been part of the bands Centro-matic, South San Gabriel, Overseas, The Undertow Orchestra, Monsters of Folk and the New Multitudes project with Jim James, Anders Parker and Jay Farrar, he also put out a “superduo” album with the late Jason Molina under the moniker Molina & Johnson. Kinkel-Schuster’s resume is a bit shorter but he was the driving force of the band Water Liars and has released a successful solo record under JPKS as well.

The two accomplished musicians compliment each other nearly perfectly. They both have soft but big voices that have no problems filling rooms from a crowded living room house concert to an echoey theater. Their songwriting is very comparable as well, Johnson has written a seemingly endless amount of songs and it is clear he is still refining his craft and getting better. Kinkel-Schuster is finding his voice as a songwriter away from his former band and it is fitting him well. These two artists are clearly still ascending in their career.

Marie/Lepanto: Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster and Will Johnson

Marie/Lepanto: Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster and Will Johnson

Headlining the tour is Johnson’s longtime friend’s original band, David Bazan of Pedro The Lion. The largely Christian Rock band hasn’t toured under that name in several years although lead singer David Bazan has kept the band’s catalog alive with his solo shows. Bazan has always been the kingpin of the Pedro the Lion name with a wide variety from a rotating cast around him to fill the other roles in the group.

The band started releasing records in 1998 and now has 4 full-length records and 5 EPs under their belt. On the tour they are expected to sample all material but will likely concentrate on what is considered their best and most popular album “Control.” David Bazan has also put together several solo records while Pedro the Lion was on hiatus and the group is likely to perform some of his solo material as well.

David Bazan of Pedro The Lion

David Bazan of Pedro The Lion

WHERE IS IT?  The Record Bar (1520 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, MO)

WHEN IS IT?  Friday, February 9th, 2018 9:00 PM, $20, 18+

Here is a link to buy your tickets right NOW.


  • Tickets are $20… that’s the cost of a couple beers, these artists have released well over 20 records too
  • Will Johnson is a marvel, simply one of the best active songwriters around
  • This will be just the second show for Marie/Lepanto
  • These guys are are legendarily humble
  • If you like signed stuff… I bet these guys will sign some stuff
  • Marie/Lepanto just released an excellent new record named “Tenkiller”
  • Pedro The Lion has decades of experience now, treat this as a “greatest hits” tour
  • It’s a Friday night… in February… what else are you going to be doing?
  • The Record Bar is pretty awesome, the new location kept the intimacy of the old Record Bar but has some fresh new digs

You should RSVP on facebook to the event so you don’t forget, here is the link: FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE

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