Album at a glance: Mark Daniel – New Truth EP

Mark Daniel - New Truth EP



It’s not hard to figure out how Mark Daniel’s sound formed. He wears a long history of classic rock education on his sleeve. You’ll hear the sound of a straight forward blues-rock trio on his “New Truth” EP. Its 5 songs move quickly never leaving a distinct footprint but never becoming a cumbersome listen either.

On “Slow Setting Sun” the EPs tone is set with guitar rock with a big chorus and plenty of elaborate guitar work. Things get a little more stompy with “Heart Stops Beating” with a bit of a Zeppelin-ish romp, it sounds dated but not in a bad way. These songs would’ve been far more comfortable ringing out of a stack of Marshall amps in a 70s arena than they are coming from phone speakers but that takes little away from the songs.

Key Track: “Slow Setting Sun”

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