250 word album review: Nathan Kalish – I Want To Believe

Nathan Kalish - I Want To Believe


Nathan Kalish has no problem embracing his country soul. The twangy guitars and vocals simply don’t lie. Kalish pops out a new record every now and then in between touring to check in with the non bar-goers and his latest is a polished collection he’ll be glad to sell while closing down bars across the country.

This is a group of americana tunes that are to-the-bone driving songs. They are probably best heard at about 2 a.m. on a road where you can’t tell how many miles the next house light is away. On “My Best”  Kalish sounds worn down as he whimsically howls “She asked if I was clean, I said, well that’s a good question.” The lead guitar meddles its way through the song, as it does the record. On “Bar Fight” he slowly burns a story of late nights and bloodshot eyes and on “Frail Shadow” he loads heartbreak by the wheelbarrow full. Most of the album is slow and patient and largely serious. In true Nathan Kalish fashion he kills the heavyness of songs like “Frail Shadow” with an alien encounter that ends with an intergalactic jam session called “Roswell.” It’s a jangly rocker with a driving bass line that guides the tripping song down the road.

Kalish has a veil of seriousness through most of the album though, his wit shines through at times, after all, check out that awesome album cover. It is a record of songs collected from different states of mind and different states in the country. It has highs and lows but when put together is yet another solid listen that flies by all too quickly.

Key Tracks: “My Best” “Roswell” “Frail Shadow”

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