250 word album review: The Matchsellers – Bluegrastronauts

The Matchsellers - Bluegrastronauts


Bluegrass can be boring. This isn’t across the board but the skeletal structure of the music causes this. The Matchsellers found a way to make what can be a mundane, unflavored genre extremely intriguing. How? Send bluegrass legends into space of course.

The concept behind the album “Bluegrastronauts” is roughly that the world ends and bluegrass legends (and those who don’t die) get shot into space. On paper the idea is so-so at best but when it rattles out of your speakers it all somehow clicks. The key to the album is the great humor. On one line songs such as “Shannon Lives in Arkansas” and “Dammit Brad Don’t Pee On My Bag” the album remains relevant and entertaining. The hilariously true “Pigeon and Dove”(the real song title is 40 words) has more layers than you think and is a killer earworm at the same time. On more delicate songs like “Off To The Moon” and especially “Dancing In The Kitchen” the sweetness and sincerity of the album shines through making for great changes of pace. The appropriate closer “One of These Days” has our storytellers detailing their inevitable mortality repeatedly, after you’ve endured this journey with the band it’s hard to imagine “Bluegrastronauts” ending any other way.

This album is a loose concept record where you have to connect some dots and it draws you to humorous conclusions. The music is quite good as well, lots of traditional bluegrass banjo, dobro and fiddle. As far as bluegrass goes this is one of the freshest records you will hear all year. It’s an intergalactic hoedown you won’t regret listening to.

Key Tracks: “Bluegrastronauts” “Dancing In The Kitchen” “Pigeon and Dove” “One of These Days”

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