250 word album review: Here’s To The Life! – Surviving Is My Best Revenge

Here's To The Life! -Surviving Is My Best Revenge


Here’s To The Life! is now fully amped up and doesn’t spare on the energy. This group of 8 songs is among their strongest, the songs are fun and fiery as they continue to be one of the Midwest’s most distinct sounding pop punk acts.

On the opening “Say It Like You Mean It” the chugging guitar licks set the tone early. Primary lead singer Patrick Rivera’s vocals are one of a kind with his up and down singing that helps give the music some extra bounce. The songs here are of a serious nature but in typical Here’s To The Life! style are portrayed with a wit and playfulness. The tone on numbers like “A Song For You” you get the idea that heartbreak is embraced and accepted. This redemption song finds the antagonist yearning for one more chance with someone but also singing “I don’t know what it is that I want from you,” how representative of true emotions in relationships is that? The honesty is refreshing. The take on The Marvelettes “Mr. Postman” actually blends right in here too. The only thing that sounds outdated are the snail mail references on the track. The pop-punk makeover fits the song well showing there really isn’t that big of a gap between classic R&B and Here’s To The Life! if it’s an amazing song.

It’s a typically loud and energetic affair here with brash guitar licks, thumping bass and drums. It’s just a fun album, repeated listens are a must. Also, the album cover is awesome.

Key Tracks: “A Song For You” “Mr. Postman” “Goodnight, I Think I Mean Goodbye”

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