250 word album review: Whiskey For The Lady – Passing Times

Whiskey For The Lady - Passing Times


“Passing Times” is Whiskey For The Lady’s second album and it is distinctly different than their debut. The bluegrass band is four long years removed from their debut album “Too Many F Holes” and sometimes life comes at you hard forcing them to return with a more mature record. The band twice was struck with the tragedy of losing band members and as a tribute they continue to press on and this album exists.

The most obvious tribute here is “Rabbit Hole” the lone song sung by fiddlist Mallory Edson with a raspy tremble, punctuating how personal the song is. Other songs hit on the subject like the title track “Passing Times” sung by lead vocalist Phil Craven. That track builds into a speedy romp which is where the band really excels. Other band members even get vocal shots on “Goddamn Dollars” and “The Curtain” showing the band’s diversity. The band is best when jamming out though, just see the mid-album track “SquareMosh” that busts out of the gate with a screech of “squaremosh!” after being delicately introduced by the near spoken word track “B.F.D.” Other highlights are the funky breakdown jam of “Hail Damage” and the driving, trippy instrumental “Sky Jam.” While the record has several serious moments the group’s sense of humor is still very much in play here, like on “Winning” and the aforementioned “SquareMosh.”

The songs here at times are delivered with a heavy heart but it definitely doesn’t keep “Passing Times” from being a fun listen.

Key Tracks: “Rabbit Hole” “Hail Damage” “SquareMosh”

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