250 word album review: The Yellow Bellied Sapsuckers – Don’t Think About Tomorrow Night

The Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers - Don't Think About Tomorrow Night


With some simple instrumentation and themes as old as lyrical music itself The Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers put together a smooth throwback album. A lot of fiddle and acoustic guitar lead the way here but what set the Sapsuckers apart is their unique lyrical twists and dark humor.

The sound harkens to Hank Williams Sr. as it honors those traditions in more ways than just the music. The theme of heartbreak is strong enough to call this a concept album. With tracks like “Come On, Break My Heart” and “Fools Were Made To Be Broken” it is obvious the subject matter here. It’s not all mopey old school country though. On “This Song” the duo of Nikki Grossman and Joe Hart sing in slightly off-kilter harmony reminiscent of The Moldy Peaches (think the “Juno” soundtrack.) The track is non-sensical fun as the words to the song are literally about not knowing the words to the song. Hart has vocal duties on the road weary tale “Borrowed Time” that features the most accessible bluegrass characteristics here. On the great “You Don’t Exist” Grossman takes the lead and profiles the best way to not get hung up on a past partner. That humor is completely absent on the title track “Don’t Think About Tomorrow Night” where Grossman sings lyrics that cut straight to the bone.

The duo has created a simple yet compelling collection of songs that both pull the heartstrings and tickle the funny bone, if you enjoy the traditions of old country this is a can’t miss.

Key Tracks: “You Don’t Exist” “Borrowed Time” “Don’t Think About Tomorrow Night”

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