Album at a glance: Smash Fashion – Rompus Pompous

Smash Fashion - Rompus Pompous


These aging rockers still know how to have a good time. This album is sheer fun, never takes itself too seriously and maintains its high energy throughout.

The thunderous radio-ready leadoff track “Can’t Take You Anywhere” shows Smash Fashion’s knack for producing great hooks. This album is filled with the like as well. On “Soft As A Rock” the group takes their shot at power pop and channels a little Big Star to complete their throwback sound to the 70s where most of their music seems to live. You’ll get a lot of a glam rock vibe here too, it’s never more apparent than on the song “Rompus Pompous.” The track “The Proper Way To Eat A Muffin” may compete for the best song title you’ll hear this month and the music is pretty good too, it has a country tinge on the 70s rock vibe. The songs here could comfortably exist along side of lesser known rockers like The Wildhearts. While the music here may sound like a throwback (it does) it never sounds dated, the songs ring true and are just loose and fun.

Key Track: “Can’t Take You Anywhere”

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