250 word album review: Stone Blind – Devils, Liars & Fools

Stone Blind - Devils, Liars & Fools


Stone Blind pays tribute to heavy low-end rock with their debut album. This bare bones band makes a lot of noise with limited instrumentation by making the most of them. The low-end of bass and drums power the songs while the guitar struggles to fly away in spite of their weight.

On songs like “Jackknife Messiah” the bass lines and drums lock in together and let the guitar shred over the top. The vocals are reminiscent of early Black Sabbath and it matches the music perfectly. There are moments of Thin Lizzy-esque glam rock skuzz on “So Low” where the guitar licks are possibly the most interesting here. On the lengthy instrumental journey “Blue Dream” the band does their best to lock into a “Stranglehold” type of groove and nail it as the song is as vivid as any of the other songs with lyrics. Speaking of lyrics, “Joyride With The Devil” is a great story song here where the protagonist literally finds the prince of darkness as his ride or die and traveling far and wide, there’s no way that concept isn’t intriguing.

The 8 songs here blast for over 40 minutes and don’t let up much. They keep it simple but the riffs and grooves they fall into keep things interesting. If you like to crank up music in your car and tempt the speed limit, this may be the album for you.

Key Tracks: “Joyride With The Devil” “Blue Dream” “So Low”

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