250 word album review: The Tillers -The Tillers

The Tillers - The Tillers


The Tillers new record is filled with fiery bluegrass, aggressive flat picking and howling fiddle. The songs here rarely take a downshift in tempo from the opening song on. The closing number “Another Postcard” takes a deep breath after a ferocious affair but other than that this record is inspired and energetic.

Songs like “Like A Hole In My Head” really sum up what The Tillers are all about, the picking and some blue collar lyrics. The Woody Guthrie cover “All You Fascists Are Bound To Lose” fits in perfectly here with the scope of the album, the band was even bold enough to add some lyrics to the song which weld seamlessly. The fast tempo never gets overly aggressive here either and always keeps its composure. “Dear Mother” has an old timey timeless quality to it as again, it is all about the banjo. The fiddle added to the songs really ties everything together too, the flat out non-stop picking would probably be a little too much without it.

The Tillers are obviously among the finest of their peers here. Overall this record reaches a nice medium point between the obnoxious “speedgrass” album and the slow bluegrass records making for a very smooth listen.

Key Track: “Like A Hole In My Head”

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