250 word album review: Elias Black – Reclamation

Elias Black - Reclamation



Elias Black’s “Reclamation” is a muscley industrial rock album that keeps hooks in mind but still keeps things heavy. The vocals are clear and on top of a mix of guitars and a thumping rhythm section, the singing is audible and are always well under control, even when screaming. Some singers know just how far to push their voices before they break, just look at Dave Grohl, “Reclamation” happens to be another good example of this.

The brooding growl and eerie sound of “Blood” sounds like a Mark Lanegan track with a heavy bottom end. On “Fire” you’ll hear the dynamics get toyed with, as they are throughout the album, as the music expands and contracts within the song. The guitar bounce gets dangerously close to punk territory on “Parasite” while other songs like “Hurt Is Power” could be mistaken for power-pop. The cover of Leadbelly’s “In The Pines” is definitely in the vein of what Kurt Cobain had in mind when he toyed with the song for Nirvana. Parts of the breakdown in the song get a little jammy before the yearning and pained vocals kick back in. The song sums up the mood of the record well, it’s filled with pain and trying to cope, but aren’t most albums after all?

This collection is a well rounded group of songs overall with enough dynamic changes to keep you on your toes. The wheel isn’t being reinvented here but sometimes you just need a solid rock album and this one probably won’t disappoint.

Key Tracks: “Blood” “Fire” “In The Pines”

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