Album at a glance: Timmy Milner – Fall Risk

Timmy Milner - Fall Risk


Timmy Milner’s deeply personal journal that is “Fall Risk” is at its best when he shoots straight down the middle. The best example is the simple yet elegant “Feeling Human” that sounds like a a David Bowie tune with its bouncy acoustic strums and delicate chorus. “Part Of Your Sunshine” pays homage to the Beatles and Kinks with some gentle pop hooks and “Never Stop” follows suit with a structure that would qualify as power pop if the acoustic leanings where replaced with crunchy riffs.

Milner’s vocals on songs like “Fall Risk”once again echo Bowie as he tries to drive the lyrical emphasis home. The album plays as a close to the chest tale that is written from memory and not embellished. It’s a record to listen to at home under candle light with a glass of wine, it’s as much therapy as a music.

Key Track: “Feeling Human”

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