250 word album review: Say Hi – Caterpillar Centipede

Say Hi - Caterpillar Centipede


Say Hi completes a big comeback with their latest album “Caterpillar Centipede.” They have picked up where they left off with the great run of “The Wishes & The Glitch” “Oohs & Aahs” and “Um, Uh Oh” from 2008 to 2011. Since those great albums Eric Elbogen experimented heavily in electronic music, crescendoing with “Werewolf Diskdrive” last year.

The difference is really in the presence of guitar based rock. At his/their (Elbogen is Say Hi) best they are really a great power pop band. Keyboards have always been a part of the band but they really took over for a few years while Elbogen explored some new areas. When you hear the guitar punch on “Every Gauge Is On Empty” it is easy to reference those Say Hi records from now almost a decade ago. The sweet wordplay and weird analogies that make the band’s songs so clever and great are still around too, just take a listen to the off-kilter sentiment in “Sweaters.” On “I Just Wanna Go Home” there is simply some straight forward guitar rock and that is no way a bad thing. The song is probably as close to the Ramones as you can get for an indie darling like Say Hi. The best song of the record however is the reflective “Green With Envy” with the repeated chorus of “I shoulda been a better better better lover to you” driving the sad topic home without ever bringing the mood down.

It’s great to see Say Hi back to blasting guitars behind their well crafted songs and “Caterpillar Centipede” is among their best albums to date.

Key Tracks: “Green With Envy” “Every Gauge Is On Empty” “Sweaters”

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