250 word album review: Ben Pirani – How Do I Talk To My Brother

Ben Pirani - How Do I Talk To My Brother


It’s hard to imagine Ben Pirani nailing the old soul sound any more than he does on “How Do I Talk To My Brother.” The fact that so many artists are striving for this “new retro” is very refreshing.

On the opening “Try Love” you get some Temptations style soul groove as the old school up-beat mentality shines through. The horns blast with some call and answer vocals on “Not One More Tear” as the songs faster tempo really pulls the album’s socks up to some 70s style danceable music. It’s hard to not get a little bogged down by “Art School Girl” as it’s so early teens sounding, the song would have not been out of place in the 50s when prom dance songs were all the rage but now it falls a little flat. The super slowed down song sounds a bit on on the nose. The band immediately gets its momentum back on “Can’t Get Your Own Way” though. The great psychedelic guitar lick to start the song would make The Box Tops blush. The song meshes some British Invasion with southern soul which is a very intriguing mix. There is some great organ work on “You Brought The Rain” and there are plenty of slow soul jams like “Dreamin’s For Free” and “It’s Understanding.”

The new retro soul album is very well done, clean production and a vintage sound. The songs fit the bill too, the album won’t blow you away but it’s just a solid listen through and through.

Key Tracks: “Can’t Get Your Own Way” “Not One More Tear”

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