Album at a glance: Brandon Prinzing & The Old Revival



Bradon Prinzing & The Old Revival is a mixed bag of tricks. Their debut album “Hear This” is overflowing with varying influences leading to both a great diversity and an uneven album with some strong spots.

In a world where the banjo and old school instruments are hip again you might think that a band labeled “The Old Revival” is in the thick of this movement but the name is misleading. “Hear This” is a very cleanly produced album without the rustic warts you’d expect from a revival. The passionate “Riot On A Sunday” sounds like it could have come from the church house steps where Christian Rock bands are bred. On the acoustic tracks “Unorthodox” and “Hear This” it sounds like the best Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20 has sounded in years. The songs are unmistakably pop numbers but do have a soulful delivery that sounds genuine. On “Sink” they explore more of a punk driving sound as the song builds and becomes one of the shining moments on the record. The album definitely shows the band can stretch their legs in a few different directions, while it may be a strength it also makes the album feel less cohesive.

Key Tracks: “Sink” “Hear This”


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