250 word album review: Jerry Forney Blues Band – No Exit

Jerry Forney’s legacy as a midwestern bluesman is a given, his guitar licks have rang out of stereos and smokey bars for decades. Something that has always been slightly underrated about Forney how much country runs in the bluesman’s music.

His latest album “No Exit” shows this country side shining through like with his take on the traditional “Run On(God’s Gonna Shut You Down)” and the twangy “Silver Saddle” where Forney embraces the ways of a cowpoke. His strength is always the still the blues though and how he presents it. The bluesy guitar runs just flow from his amp like on “Mean Mistreater Blues” and obviously “Blues Blues Blues.” No great blues record would be complete without some love for trains too. Forney highlights this on “Old 39” “Train Thru Here” and on what is likely the best song on this collection; “Just To Ride The Blinds.” On this leadoff track Forney glorifies jumping a train so much you’ll start packing a bag so you can try it yourself. It isn’t even all raunchy blues licks, the delivery on “Feather in the Wind” is as delicate as the songs title as he showcases another strength of his arsenal.

Forney has blues licks flowing through his veins and country resonance in his heart. On “No Exit” he continues to display what he has made look so effortless for years.

Key Tracks: “Just To Ride The Blinds” “Blues Blues Blues” “Silver Saddle”

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