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I would love to hear from you, good or bad, email me at VocalsOnTop at gmail dot com.



One of the great perks of writing about music is getting submissions. I love getting them because it is an excellent way to discover new music and help promote great bands that need publicity. If you would like to submit I would love to hear it and consider it for the website.

I can not review every submission. At times I have so many I can’t catch up and some don’t get the attention they deserve. I apologize but this will happen. Sometimes they don’t fit on the site or my musical tastes would unfairly judge them too harshly so I don’t review them. I don’t want to give a rap album a bad review just because I don’t like rap.

I love physical copies of albums; artwork, packaging, thank yous, band pictures, musicians… it all counts. That being said I am also happy to review digital albums because I realize physical copies cost money.

mailing address for submissions:

Vocals On Top
920 Green St.
St. Joseph, MO 64505


Origins of Vocals On Top:

This is a website about music but it stems from the blog “A Hair Off Square” where I did a few music posts in addition to sports related posts. I didn’t like how the two mixed. I had success with each of the two subjects and a significant interest in each as well.

I did more sports posts and had some success(website views) with my custom baseball and football cards. This was largely due to the large amount of posts. For a couple months(since spring training began) I had posted every day but about two and many days would do multiple posts. This led to some comments on the site about liking what I was doing and getting a few incoming links.

I felt these incoming links didn’t want to see any music posts. I still wanted to post about music though. So I decided to start “Vocals On Top” to have an outlet for exclusively music posts. Among these posts are concert reviews, album reviews, greatest hits recommendations for bands that don’t have them, vinyl reviews and other projects.

I transfered my music posts from “A Hair Off Square” to this site and devote that site to totally custom cards and this one totally to music posts.


Personal information:

My name is Clinton Wiederholt and I am a sign designer/salesman/fabricator in St. Joseph, MO. I am a big fan of the Kansas City Royals and Chiefs. I am a great fan of music, I don’t play, just listen. I love Bob Dylan, Cracker and vinyl, music is my religion. I would rather listen to music than watch TV or a movie any day. That is the foundation for this site.


3 Responses to About / Submit to Vocals On Top

  1. S says:

    It would be nice to see a few things; a “subscribe” icon so one can easily follow you, and the stats widget. I hate to appear a bitch but I edit and you might think about running your material through an editor – even a word processing edit would clean up a lot.

    Carry on!

    P.S., I edit better than I write.

    • VocalsOnTop says:

      I’ll admit editing is my weakness. I try to edit but all of my stuff but it is really difficult to edit your own writing. I’ll check into the subscribe thing… I use a wordpress template so I’m not sure what the capabilities are there, I know some people are subscribed to my site so it is possible, I will look into making it more easily accessed. I appreciate the feedback, thanks for reading.

      • S says:

        You’re welcome. I’ve been using WordPress for several years. Almost ALL the templates have widgets, and there are quite a few of them. I did find the “follow” icon at the top of the page header but it’s not that visible to newbies.

        BTW, I listened to Scott Shipley that night in Cafe Acoustic on live streaming. There ain’t nuthin intimidating about that man! All of us home people appreciate the write up!


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