250 Word Local Album Review: Under The Big Oak Tree – Under The Big Oak Tree

Under The Big Oak Tree - Under The Big Oak Tree

On sunny days when the grass is green and a refreshing breeze is always blowing, Under The Big Oak Tree’s debut album might just work as your perfect soundtrack. The positive spin of this gentle bluegrass is as comfortable on the back porch as it would be on the church house steps in front of the whole congregation.

“Farmer’s Son” is drenched in the tradition of country life and how comfortably inescapable it is while “Such A Fine Mess” is an old-timey, less serious look at being unable to choose a suitor. The songs are coated with smooth dobro playing whether it is a slow yet playful romp like “Little Ghost” or a faster paced track like the anxious “Will You Go With Me?” The songs “Black Mountain Rum” and “Under The Big Oak Tree” both overflow with a contentedness that really represents what this band it all about with a laid back, patient approach.

Varying vocals from the different singers make sure that the album doesn’t get monotonous but the styles of the songs are tight enough to keep the album from feeling erratic as some album with multiple vocalists can be. If you’re in the mood to slow down life for a little while, this album may just be the perfect accompaniment.

Key Tracks: “Father’s Son” “Under The Big Oak Tree” “Such A Fine Mess”


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