250 word album review: Melanie Brulée – Fires, Floods & Things We Leave Behind

Melanie Brulee - Fires, Floods & Things We Left Behind


Country music is stronger than it has been in decades. Tons of young artists are pushing through with really strong country and western records and that wouldn’t have happened even a few years ago. Now a new wave of the genre is gaining momentum and artists like Canada’s Melanie Brulée are a big reason why.

On “Fires, Floods & Things We Leave Behind” Brulée dishes out a full spectrum of country from classic Patsy Cline style country to pop country. On the opening “I Will” you’ll find Brulée’s band finding some mariachi chords while she dips into some relationship whoas on the strong album opener. On “I’ll Get Over You” she delves into pure guilt pop with a great melody and plenty of hooks. The song is the strongest here and shows she can use the pop music machine to push her songs to the next level when needed. On a much more stripped down note you’ll get the singer/songwriter version of Brulée on “You Can’t Rely On Rain” and the steel guitar adorned “Tennessee Years.” She breaks into early 90s radio power country on the relaxing song “Whiskey and Wine” that would make Reba McEntire blush. The song is as ready for the charts as Brulée will ever be. On the more raunchy “Bust It Up and Fix It” she lands a great bluesy number showing how well rounded she is.

Melanie Brulée’s music is far less known than she should be, this album proves she is among the best and most versatile of the genre.

Key Tracks: “I’ll Get Over You” “Whiskey and Wine” “Bust It Up and Fix It”


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