250 Word Album Review: Dylan Michael Bentley – Change In The Wind

Dylan Michael Bentley - Change In The Wind

Dylan Michael Bentley - Change In The Wind gets 3.5 starsDylan Michael Bentley ups the production and cans his filters for his latest album Change In The Wind. It is easy to think the album is a self portrait and that Bentley is simply putting his heart on his sleeve for this group of songs.

If you are curious what this album is about, look no further than the song “Knock, Knock.” Bentley sings “and I thought about killin’ myself, every once in a while since I was a child.” and quickly replies with “Things have been goin’, pretty good, lately.” then chronicles “Used to drink myself to sleep, Now the whiskey’s got no hold on me.” These lyrics make it obvious how the album title came about. The short and abrupt “Run” passes with a fitting sense of urgency but leaves time for a little harmonica while he takes on a little strum and stomp approach during “Woman In A White Dress” that would make Ryan Bingham proud.

The blunt scratching of the guitar strings on “Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Trav’lin” fights the clean production most of the album has with the whole song lacking even one smooth strum of the strings. The porcelain sound of “Blame It On The Weather” provides a  nice break from the pace that dominates the record and the gentle instrumentation never overshadows the delicate song. The record might cover a lot of bad times but the music is upbeat enough to keep them from dragging you down or keep you from putting the record on for another listen.

Key Tracks: “Knock, Knock” “Candle” “Run”

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