The Vinyl Court: Iron Maiden – Live After Death

Iron Maiden - Live After Death LP jacket

Iron Maiden – Live After Death LP jacket

  • Artist: Iron Maiden
  • Album: Live After Death
  • Purchased at: Hastings(St. Joseph) for $10

Holy crap was I excited when I saw the top of the “Iron Maiden” logo peeking out from behind a $.99 Janis Ian record. I could tell from the blue background and yellow lettering on the Maiden LP that it was the holy grail too… Live After Death. The sprawling double LP from 1985 has the iconic cover of  Eddie (who adorns nearly everything with the Iron Maiden name on it) bursting out of a grave with chains around his wrists, as always, drawn by the legendary Derek Riggs. I would carefully open the gatefold and see that the condition of the record was not only excellent, but that the original 12”x12” tour booklet was still in side. Up the irons boys… This one is going home with me.

The album itself is a model for all hard rock live records. Live After Death has many high points but none higher than the legendary 8 plus minute “Running Free” to end side three. Side one features “Aces High” and “The Trooper” to get your blood pumping and the feeling never stops until long after “Phantom of the Opera” ends to complete your listening experience and your needle is spinning in the lock groove.

Rating: A-

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