Album at a glance: Mod Hippe – Wannabe Nobody

Mod Hippie - Wannabe Nobody


Mod Hippie is a down the middle rock project that pulls from various influences and wears them on their sleeves. It can be reserved and calm but also has a few surprises in store for listeners.

On “Saturday Show” you get a clear Cheap Trick inspired torch rocker that pushes the 7 minute mark to weed out the unbelievers to start the record. On the short follow-up song “Cricket LaRue” Mod Hippie indulges in some cleaned up 70s style garage rock making for one of the most unique songs on the album. On the perfectly transparent “Lux” you’ll find the collective band nailing a Cramps impersonation in the dedication to the band’s late singer. On The Replacement’s cover “Johnny’s Gonna Die” they sound more like that band’s hero Alex Chilton but the band really has fun here though making the record more enjoyable, especially on the punchy “And Everyone The Fashion (So Sorry)” that is full of loose guitar solos and a once again bouncy arrangement. You hear lots of influence from British Invasion bands and other 60s rock as well on songs like “We Leave It All Behind,” which seems to make up the backbone of the record. The latter part of the album is filled with moody and echoey vocals like on the album’s meandering closer “Whatever You Want.”

Mod Hippie’s “Wannabe Nobody” is an interesting listen with clearly talented musicians enjoying making music and you can hear it.

Key Tracks: “We Leave It All Behind” “Saturday Show”

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