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VOT Editorial: The Case for Scruffy & The Janitors’ “Pino” by Matthew Coman

The Case for “Pino” By Matthew Coman   Matthew Coman is a pretty fine singer/songwriter from St. Joseph, Missouri, he occasionally gets tricked into writing something for Vocals On Top and we are always happy to host his thoughts here. … Continue reading


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VOT Editorial: Local Album Reviews

Writing for a website, much like writing a song, doesn’t always end up the way you planned. When Vocals On Top started on April 21, 2011, I didn’t intend on it being exactly what it has become. In most ways … Continue reading

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A VOT Editorial: The $20 CD

Here at Vocals On Top a lot of opinions are expressed but they are rarely taken on directly and exclusively. Some issues deserve more focus to be put on them and to be discussed in a forum all their own. … Continue reading

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