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Album at a glance: Hurt Russell – Down // Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’

Hurt Russell’s first real coming out party is this two song digital EP. It’s about 7 minutes of sludge-phyche that really defines a band that is in actuallity pretty hard to define with words. “Down” is a slow burning song … Continue reading

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250 Word Album Review: Austin Miller – Engine

Austin Miller proves he is around to stay as a songwriter with “Engine.” His release “More Than One Way” was one of the best releases of 2013 with its great songwriting and versatile musicianship and Miller takes all the strongpoints of that album … Continue reading

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Album at a glance: Tweaker Sneakers – Tweaker Sneakers EP

  St. Joseph’s beloved Bobby Dean Floyd snuck off to Portland and got behind the kit for this punky surf rock trio. It’s as weird as you would expect it to be. Think the erraticness of Cupcake with a more … Continue reading

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Album at a glance: Dreamgril – Sensually Yours EP

  The “Sensually Yours” EP by Dreamgirl is like a promise ring from you high school sweetheart. It is only two songs but it is an exotic preview of things to come. The sultry electro-pop sound is fresh to the … Continue reading

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VOT Editorial: The Case for Scruffy & The Janitors’ “Pino” by Matthew Coman

The Case for “Pino” By Matthew Coman   Matthew Coman is a pretty fine singer/songwriter from St. Joseph, Missouri, he occasionally gets tricked into writing something for Vocals On Top and we are always happy to host his thoughts here. … Continue reading

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