Album at a glance: Sterling Witt – Satyagraha

Sterling Witt - Satyagraha

Sterling Witt has a hippie mentality with a taste for grunge. He immerses himself in crunchy guitars reminiscent of the heydays of Bush and Stone Temple Pilots. His message is far closer to the mentality of John Lennon though. The record is a mixture of love and politics, John would be proud. Guitars drive songs like “Perception Deception” and “Love Me To Death” while the hooks take the load on “I Love You More Everyday” and “Let Love Out.” Turning the focus on lyrics “The Answer” stands strong and “Just War” is blatantly political in a way you will love or hate it immediately. Overall Witt’ is at his best when singing of love an devotion sprinkled in between 90s style distorted riffs and a driving beat.

Key Track: “Love Me To Death”

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