250 word album review: The Allovers -Yer Guises

Allovers - Yer Guises


“Yer Guises” is nothing but simple fun. If you’re looking for deep content you probably won’t find it unless you dig really deep. At the surface level The Allovers just take a crunchy guitar lick, play is for two minutes and squeeze in a hook. The good news is it actually works.

The Buzzcocks made a career from short songs with a big hook, they didn’t let things drag on; play the hook and move on. The Allovers obviously were paying attention. Every song here has a killer hook, even though 10 of the 15 tracks don’t even hit the 2:00 mark. It’s simple, a grimey guitar lick like on “When Freddy’s Back In Town” along with a chant-worthy chorus and you’re gold, cut it and put it on the album. There’s nothing wrong with leaving politics to Billy Bragg and Neil Young. They add some interesting surprises like the goulish vocals on “Hitchcock Twist” and the Ramones inspired vocals on “Rinky Dink.” While you could interpret that lyrical content is absent here, it seems more so that it simply isn’t needed. The Allovers sound like if Green Day did music for lyrics written by Chris Ballew of The Presidents of the United States of America and they got Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age to sing them. What doesn’t sound awesome about that?

Either way this album is a short spurt of fun, the songs come at you quick and the tempo is fast. They even got the punk album cover right, you have nothing to complain about here.

Key Tracks: “Rinky Dink” “When Freddy’s Back In Town”


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