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Album at a glance: Red Kate – unamerican activities

If you don’t like punk there is no need to read further. This is unapologetic punk, harsh and rash, everything a good record from the genre should consist of. The anger of “You Don’t Speak For Me” is intentionally transparent … Continue reading

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Concert Review: The Architects at The Rendezvous in St. Joseph, MO 3/11/16

There’s one thing you need to understand when a seasoned band like The Architects makes the trek from Kansas City to play: They know what they are doing. This is apparent in every song they play. They simply take the … Continue reading

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The Vinyl Corner – Cellophane Ceiling – The Beauty of it All

Artist: Cellophane Ceiling Album: The Beauty of it All (1987) Purchased at: Hastings (St. Joseph, MO) for $1.49 Cellophane Ceiling is an Omaha band from the 1980s I had never heard of. Their LP cover strongly resembled the Dead Kennedy’s … Continue reading

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Album at a glance: The Architects – Border Wars Episode II

Kansas City’s The Architects are pretty straight forward at this point. Punky tempos and tasty guitar licks are the status quo and their soaring choruses make them a favorite to sing along to. On the latest edition of Border Wars … Continue reading

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Album at a glance: Radkey – Devil Fruit EP

Radkey responds quickly after the release of the Cat & Mouse EP with another four song affair with the Devil Fruit EP. The three St. Joseph brothers have a much bigger audience for this set of songs and the music … Continue reading

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250 Word Album Review: The Biff Tannens – Johnny Dare is a Douche

The Biff Tannens are a straight forward American punk band that doesn’t waste its time by trying to be clever or adding unnecessary frills, they just let the ourtrage flow. Their sense of humor is apparent by both their name … Continue reading

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Tanner Ferguson of Grindstone Creek’s best of 2013

Tanner Ferguson is a guitarist/keyboardist/singer in the St. Joseph, Missouri based band Grindstone Creek. Look for them to have a big year in 2014 as we will hopefully will have some new recorded music from them soon. In the meantime … Continue reading

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